The nation's 16th largest bank failed. Depositors were made whole. Investors lost their money. Where do we go from here?
We launched verified employer profiles on Employbl, a new portal for companies to share job listings and are working on a mobile app for job seekers.

November 2022

In this post we've curated a list of American companies FTX, FTX Ventures and Alameda Research have invested in.

October 2022

Venture Capital backed, Utah headquartered Cotopaxi looks to shut down their SF location after millions of dollars of theft losses. San Francisco plans…

September 2022

Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon compete in some realms but also collude and finance each other.
Economic concentration has been the rule for the American economy for decades.

August 2022

What is the decentralized economy? Switched from ConvertKit to Substack. Open data about today's tech companies and companies challenging big tech right…
Announcing startup fundraising rounds, a map of tech companies in San Francisco, an updated job board and that Employbl's free to use.
Launching the new "Funding Rounds" dashboard on Employbl to see startups based on recent funding rounds from Venture Capital firms.
Relaunching the Employbl newsletter