What is Decentralized Economy?

“Shall the industrial policy of America be that of competition or that of monopoly?” - Louis Brandeis

The Decentralized Economy grew out of the Employbl project to provide open access to market data about startups. That grew out of a desire to simply know which startups and tech companies were located in San Francisco. I built a spreadsheet of startups and added to it every time I saw a logo on a hoodie or backpack I didn’t recognize. Today we utilize data from all over the public web to put public data in the hands of the public for free.

The Decentralized Economy newsletter builds off the market data obtained by the Employbl website to explore the stories and market concentrations governing America today. We’ll look at what’s wrong with the system and what we can do to fix it. I believe in capitalism and the power of free markets to fix our society but recognize that markets run by monopolists and oligarchs are not really free. In this newsletter we’ll look at tech acquisitions, funding rounds, founder profiles, the tech industry and job listings plus a little bit of history to better understand how to build a better future.

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Decentralized Economy is a newsletter by Employbl about technology, startups, funding rounds and power in the United States.


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