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January Startups Report

published7 months ago
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Hey y'all,

First off I want to say thank you for subscribing to the Employbl newsletter.

This is the first newsletter I've sent since relaunching the site a year ago.

I'd like it be an open forum, you tell me what you'd like to know about the tech industry and I'll do my best to answer it.

My goal with the Employbl project is give candidates better access to publicly available market information, and to do it in a way where we're not beholden to corporations.

Most job sites scrape data about people and sell the data to companies and third party recruiters who then go on to "hunt" for talent.

Job boards post jobs for the companies that pay them.

Even LinkedIn, which sells premium subscriptions to candidates, makes most of its money by selling to recruiters, corporate business (a.k.a. sales) people and advertisers.

There's more information than ever about the tech labor market but it's not available in an unbiased, digestible way for those looking to break in or get their next job in tech.

We could definitely be wrong. There's so much free information out there maybe people will continue to be fine being the product.

But it seems to me there's a shift. We all need our careers to be successful, why not invest in the tools to know the market you're selling your services in?

Anyway, we've harvested and synthesized information from the public internet about over 11,000 companies, 27,000 funding rounds and 63,000 job listings from a thousand different job boards.

It's honestly the tip of the iceberg.

We could harvest way more about founders, tech stack and even more corporations and job listings. Before we eat up all that storage in a server farm we want to validate that we're on to something.

Lmk if you're up for a call and I'll happily demo the product. Otherwise if you have any questions about hiring process, the tech industry or job listings shoot them my way!

In the meantime we're going to be doing some research to see what resonates with people :)

These are some of the blog posts we've put out recently for the public, would love to know your thoughts.

That's all for now. It's my intention to send a newsletter about once a month, but I'll be posting on LinkedIn more regularly and you can book time with me directly on my Calendly page.